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The Ministry Station

The Ministry Station can be heard in Roanoke on AM 1550 and in Lynchburg on AM 1390.

In addition to "On Air" and "On Line" you can now listen to the Ministry Station on your smartphone or tablet and tune in wherever you are! Just download the App below and follow the instructions.

Tune-in Radio

The Ministry Station is one of America's oldest continuous ministry broadcasters - on the air since 1961! We are actually three powerful stations in one, with simultaneous broadcasting from Roanoke, Virginia at 1550 AM, Lynchburg, Virginia at 1390 AM and on the world wide web at www.WKBARADIO.com.

Over 50 years of Christian broadcasting (not many can make that claim!) and we're still on the "cutting edge" of technology. Our state-of-the-art transmitters and studio equipment are the best available.

The Ministry Station consistently attracts a loyal audience of adults with high morals and strong family values. The family-oriented lifestyles of this audience are strongly reflected in where they direct their attention and their purchasing power. This means response to our ministry programs and results for our advertisers!

Our website is designed to provide useful information about our station, and we're adding new and updated details regularly. Another service for our listeners is the new WKBA RADIO Facebook page! It features news about your favorite programs and timely information on local events and activities in the Roanoke and Lynchburg communities!

Enjoy your visit, and please feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions

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